Tonight it was all about the dessert.  Having worked on it for a day in advance I wanted to make a really nice Panna Cotta and top it with a honey strawberry jam.  So come with me through the assembly of the Panna Cotta.

First the 2 cups of cream are heated and infused with half a vanilla bean, split and scraped, 1/3 cup of cane sugar and a couple teaspoons of lemon zest.  When it just comes to simmer, but not a boil, you will remove it from the heat.  Stir 2 Tbsp of cold water together with one teaspoon of gelatin.  Pour into lightly oil ramekins and place it in the reefer overnight.

Once they have set up overnight you can begin to prepare the sauce, 1/3 cup of honey, 6 nice large strawberries sliced, 1/3 cup of cane sugar.  Cook this down till the strawberries are soft.  2 Large strawberries cut to fan for garnish.  While that is reducing you can eat dinner.  After it is reduced remove the pan and set the bottom in ice water to cool the sauce.  Place a small fry pan of water on the stove to aid in the mold releasing.  Bring the fry water to a steady simmer and place the ramekin in it for 12 seconds or so.  This will allow it to release onto the plate.

Once the jam is cooled it is time to unmold and plate the entire thing up into a dessert.

This was fantastic!!!!!  Tonight it was all about the dessert...

'til we talk again... put the classic on the table..... the cream, the honey, the fresh berries!  Ahhhhhhh!