This tutorial is to demonstrate how to add a new "Cooking Term" to A cooking term is added to the site to help define,explain and demonstrate a cooking technique or preparation. Some examples of a cooking term that often needs clarification are:
  • Render
  • Saute
  • Ballentine
  • Sous Chef
  • Brigade
  • Beurre Blanc
When adding a cooking term you must include the name the term and the definition at the very least. Feel free to add a demonstration photo or video along with a recipe if appropriate. Here are the steps to add a cooking term.

Before you begin please use the search utility to confirm the term does not already exist on 

*click on the photos to see full size

1.) Click on on the "Articles" tab in the top nav and then click on "Cooking Terms" (see below)

2.) Click on "Add a Cooking Term" 

3.) Give your Cooking Term a title/name and click submit.

4.) You will see a "Cooking Term" template presented.
  1. change the words "Cooking Term" to the name of the cooking term you are defining.
  2. type your definition in the grey definition box.
  3. Add any photos, videos or recipes below the grey definition box. 

5.) Below is an example of a finished term.

6.)  You can type in a little note of why you added this term if you like but it is not necessary. You can also select how often to get notified if anyone makes changes to the terms. Leave the "article type" set to Cooking Term. Lastly leave the "who else can edit this article" to Any member.

7.) The completed term below.

8.) It is very important that you add a tag to your term. In this example I am adding a term that pertains to Greek cooking so I add the tags "Greek" and "Greek-Cooking". If you don't see an appropriate tag send a pm to Nicko asking that the term be added to the system.

9.)  The completed term with the tags on the right. The tags help identify forum discussions that pertain to that topic thus helping users find the information they are looking for.