by: Ruben Urias
Hot Buttered Rums warm the soul, relax tired muscles, and comfort the weary--both young and old.  Yes, really.  Kids can also partake in the coziness of hot buttered rums by replacing the potent spirit with tasty apple cider.  But first, you need a flavorful, non-alcoholic mixer that can be added to whatever warm drink you wish. ​
For those unfamiliar with hot buttered rums, they are basically any rum drink that’s been warmed, sweetened, and given more body.  There are dozens of variations of this formula that vary by family, region, and availability of ingredients. Some versions call for cream instead of butter. Others use syrups or honey instead of sugar. In other words, you may customize this recipe to your liking.
The recipe that follows is for a hot buttered rum mix that  is slightly less sweet.  This level of sweetness will not mask the natural sweetness and subtleties of the rum. Even better, when added to hot apple cider, the mixer will not make the cider overly sugary for the kids. The amount of spices is also kept to a minimum, allowing you to use dark and spiced rums or mulled ciders without  creating competing tastes.  Plus, the simpler the recipe, the quicker you can make your drinks--children may even help!​
½ c. Butter (Softened)
1 c. Brown Sugar (lightly packed)
1 tsp. Vanilla
½ tsp. Ground Cinnamon
1. Place all ingredients in a medium sized mixing bowl.
2. Using the back of a fork, mix all ingredients together until smooth.
3. Pack into a container of your choosing so that you may use as needed.
4. It’s not necessary to refrigerate, but you will get longer shelf life if you do. Just be sure to keep in a sealed container to ward off refrigerator scents and to prevent unsightly crusting.
1. To a coffee mug add 1 to 1.5 oz. of your favorite rum. You may also use spiced and dark rums, brandies, or whiskies.​
2. Heat on the stovetop enough water to fill your mug, usually between 6-10 oz.​
3. When the water is hot, shy of boiling, fill your mug with the water but leave enough space for the mixer.​
4. Using a stirring teaspoon, scoop out a spoonful of mixer from its container, and slowly stir it into your mug. When the sugar and butter melts, you’re ready to enjoy. Tip: A single spoonful will make your rum slightly sweet. If you desire something sweeter, just add a second spoonful or use less water.

1. On the stovetop or microwave, heat the apple cider, about 6-8 oz. per serving.
2. Scoop out a spoonful of the mixer, and hand to your child to stir in herself.
3. Watch them enjoy!
Giving your children a spoonful of the mixing base for them to stir into their own mugs of cider makes them feel as if they themselves are making their own dish. They can watch as the butter melts, and sugar dissolves, and their drink takes on a new and different flavor. So, if you are entertaining kids for the evening, you can use this base in warmed apple cider, and give the young’uns something to get excited about.
Hot buttered rums are the perfect follow-up to any of your fall or winter activities. They are also a great treat to bring along and make at family gatherings. Best of all, this recipe is very simple, leaving you more time to relax and enjoy a second serving. Following a snow shoveling session, you will definitely be in need of something to warm you up from the inside, relax and soothe your muscles, and supply you with the calories needed to recover. Again, these drinks are perfect for post cold weather activities and family gatherings. Considering the time of year we are entering, you will definitely be participating in plenty of both. With this handy, simple drink mixer, you are ready for whatever setting awaits you.​