Green Goddess Dressing

  1. Green Goddess Dressing

                                                       Timeless dressing     Green Goddess Dressing


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  1. petalsandcoco
    Hello Kgirl, good to hear from you. I too enjoy it. Its a fine herb used alot in French cooking. Bearnaise sauce is composed with this herb. The leaf is greenish gray and it tastes a bit like licorice (anise flavor). This spice is used fresh or dry and is seen in dishes with eggs, chicken, fish and other cooking. I enjoy this spice alot especially when making a Bearnaise, once the sauce is done, I toss in some scallops and shimp and serve it over a steak (steak oscar) ....eye roll- yum. Or just make it without the seafood, the sauce is my fav. Now i'm in the ...Petals.
  2. kaneohegirlinaz
    Aloha Catherine,
    My all time favorite dressing/dip is Green Goddess, I guess I’m showing my age…
    I found a dry mix at Penzey’s Spice, but it’s not as good.
    I do have a question for you, what is terragon?
    Mahalo, Kaneohegirlinaz