In late July, Plitt Alaska will be offering Schooner Halibut. As the name implies this special halibut will be from a schooner built during the early 1900's. 100 years of a proud fishing tradition will go into this halibut. This halibut could be special simply based on the tradition of the Schooner fleet, but Schooner Halibut has much more to offer. The quality yielded from these 100 year old Schooners can create a "Copper River" excitement.

Mark Lundsten is captain and owner of The F/V Masonic. The F/V Masonic will provide Plitt with the Schooner Halibut in late July. The F/V Masonic is one of those wooden Schooners that enters a port and gets everyone's attention. Mark looks the part of a typical Schooner skipper. Standing at 6 feet, 5 inches, Mark was born in San Francisco, raised in Colorado and came to Seattle as a graduate student in English Literature. He found a part time job in a boat yard. The rest is history. Dropping out of school to work on boats and go fishing, he eventually began his halibut fishing career on another Schooner, The F/V Grant. After 6 years as a crew member there, Mark purchased The F/V Masonic, a Schooner built in 1930. Mark identified 4 areas that make Schooner halibut the best the world has to offer:

100 year old fishing tradition

Professional standards

Quality crew

Responsible management of the resource

For 100 years, the Schooner fleets have been leaders in the halibut fishery. In today's world of auto-baiters and attitudes of volume catches, The F/V Masonic is a throwback to the time-honored traditions of fishing. "Halibut is stunned upon boarding and immediately dressed," states Lundsten. "This process may take more time compared to those that stack the fish on the deck like a commodity," Lundsten continues. Mark and his crew want to know that each fish that reaches the final customer is nothing short of the best. The Schooner fleet has also led the industry in stewardship of the halibut resource. From the formation of the International Pacific Halibut Commission in the 1920's, to the passage of the Magnuson Fisheries Act in the 70's, to the passage and implementation of Individual Fisherman's Quotas in the 90's, the Schooner fleet has been integrally involved in management of a sustainable and successful fishery.

Many government and environmental groups believe they can count on the Schooner fleet to be the watchdogs of the resource. Long before it was required, The F/V Masonic stored all of its plastic liners to prevent accidental deaths among marine and bird wildlife. Mark and The F/V Masonic crew also worked on a system to prevent birds from being entangled in fishing gear. These conservation efforts were recognized by the Audubon Society's Carl Safina, author of, Song for the Blue Ocean. "But it's our crew that makes us the best," states Lundsten. Long heralded at providing the best pay, the Schooner fleet has no shortage of labor. Mark's right-hand men are Tim Henkel, David McArthur, Callahan McVay, Shaun Bailey and Einar Ketilsson. They are the quality disciples aboard The F/V Masonic.

If you are looking for a product that will get your customer's attention, contact Plitt Alaska at 877-754-8825. The F/V Masonic will provide the fish to impress you.