The universe of pots, pans, cutlery and flames is not for anyone and certainly not for everyone. Entering and continuing in the industry can leave a person excited, rageful, happy, irriated or even homicidal, sometimes all in the same day or in the same hour. The culinary industry is one where the moment you believe you are doing a great job and think your a hero, and in two minutes you can be in the weeds feeling crumby and very zeroish. Culinary freshman and veterans all have good and bad days, or have mixed feelings days where they just can´t help but to swear, compliment, cry, shout and laugh all in the same day. A problem occurs, a cook is a no show and most commanly the first thing one would say or think is "sh*t" or "f**k", but you continue knowing that you can and will only leave at the end of service after serving out some food (of course this is if your a responible cook).

    The industry is one of the oldest and the cook is the oldest profession known to man. But did caveman thousands of years ago enjoy to cook, or cooked because it was merely a necessity? Was there a sole caveman chef responsble for cooking for an entire family, when maybe other less knowledgable cavemen would just watch? Obviously fire and food were necessities, but was cooking just a choice, considering cavemen had been eating raw meat for years before discovering fire. Not knowing of the benefits of cooking, they most likely continued cooking maybe because of the taste of cooked food, for the pleasure, or just out of pure habit and interest considering the fire was lit for the cold night. Cooking has been around ever since the dawn of man and now today its something alot bigger, an entire industry full of aspiring ou seasoned cooks willing to sacrifice much to in return recieve almost nothing, but what keeps these people cooking, whats keeps them going and are they all emotionally ubstable?

   The industry is definitely colorful. The same people who may love cooking, may hate working the line, some people who love the rush and enjoy line cooking can hate cooking at home or avoid it entirely, and others who can´t even boil water have a need to learn and experiment to at least semi-dominate the art. Cooks, chefs and amatuers at one point or another have a certain love and hate (or ambivalent) relationship with cooking, be it after years of experience and labor or during a single day. You think about quitting and the next day your in the kitchen bright and early dicing onions.

In the kitchen you may laugh not to cry, force a smile to not frown, and maybe even tell a joke to cut the tension in the air. The kitchen is a mysterious and unique place, you go from being an anthiest to believing in god and back again all during one shift. But if it wasn´t for the love that a cook had for the industry in no way would he tolerate it (cooking). Love and passion, along with drive, deterimation, possibly fused with a childhood memories is what keeps one going, keeps one interested in the industry. Sauting vegetables in a pan and seeing them flip and mix while in the air takes your breath away, seeing the flame rise up almost burning your eye brows excites you, the sound of the knife chopping is adrenline, seeing the finished dish right before its sent out the pass fills you with glee, and  a meer glance at a customers smile lets you know you did the job right and that you belong. As for being emtionally unstable, bi-polar or just crazy i guess all cooks are (even a little bit), but its what makes the industry unique, its the chemical X in the kitchen.

 If cooks weren´t crazy, shows like Top Chef and Hell´s Kitchen wouldnt be so sucessful. Cooking is a drug, is stimulates the human body, and mind. If you love the industry its what gets you to wake you up and to work everyday. Its what causes a new cook to tolerate being under paid, and a chef to tolerate the kitchen havok on a busy night      

   Anyone can cook, but not everyone can love it, especially in the same way. Everyone has a reason to cook, be it necessity, for passion, for money or because your just hungry. Not everyone can cook, and maybe thats why cooks exist, to help the cooking impaired, or maybe to feed the hungry mouths of others willing to pay, or maybe its to learn and feel the rush of working in the kitchen. Everyone has a reason and all have differente feelings, some feel twenty different things during the same hour, and others feel two, the love and the hate of having to cook, be it for others, be it for money, or be it a passing feeling mixed with excitement during service.

   The reason for a cook to feel so many emotions during one service maybe has to do with the complexity of cooking, and how its so unique, stressful and fun all at the same time. For those

who enjoy it, its undescribable using simple words. Maybe new words should even be invented to describe the emotions behind cooking? For those who tolerate it, some days cooking is undescribable as well. For those who hate or dislike cooking to them the action could also be undescribable. 

Cooking is undescribable, fills us with various reactions and impluses simutoneasly, be it for a few minutes or for a few years. Cooking is tempestuous, fills us with emotions, hopefully for us cooks more positive emotions then negative ones.