So you are responding to a discussion and want to link to another thread that is along the same lines. Or maybe you want to reference a product or article on cheftalk well then the way to go is to "EMBED" that thread baby. It is cool, looks so much nicer and is easy to do.

When you are responding to a post and want to insert a link to another cheftalk resource such as another discussion thread follow these steps.
[h6]** Click on the images to see them full size so you can really get how cool "embedding" your links is.[/h6]
1.) Open up the full options on the tool bar by clicking on "More"

You will now see a lot of options but the only one you want is the "</>" symbol. Click on that.

2.) Now search for the link or resource you are looking for. Lets start with a link.

3.) You should then see a listing of whats available. Click on the link (in this case I am actually inserting an article).

4.) Finally select the how you want it to be layed out. Personally I prefer the "Block" layout but inline is fine as well.

5.)  Your reply will now look like this:

6.) Similarly if you wanted to insert a product you would do the same search but select the product like this. Products include images.

7.) For products always select "Block"

8.) Finally you end up with this.

You are encouraged to play around with this and we would like to see more embedding of links than just copy and paste. This is a simple thing you can do in your daily posting to help ChefTalk out. Please post back your posts in the comments below where you have tried out the Embed feature for us to check out. Thank you everyone!