We were fortunate to have Team USA make us dinner.  Yes, there is a Team USA and they compete every four years at the International Kochkunst Austellung, aka the Culinary Olympics, or affectionately, the Kochkunst.  

We started with passed appetizers.  There were four types, a yellow tomato gazpacho with lump crab shooter where the tomato juice was separated using a centrifuge, a tuna tartare in a nori wasabi wafer cone, a chevre cheese cake, and a pulled pork corn cake on a spoon.  The yellow tomato gazpacho was beyond amazing.  Yellow tomatoes are only available within a small window during the year, and it just happened that the convention coincided with the peak of the yellow tomato harvest.  Lucky us.

This was the first course, a smoked salmon rillette, variation of beets, cucumber relish, everything bagel chips and baby green salad.

Close up of the cucumber curl below.  I thought this was rather cute.

A look at the rillette.  This is not your regular poached quenelle.

The main course was a roasted striploin with red wine sauce, contemporary twice baked potato, mushroom mat, sauteed summer veggies, brocolli three ways, fried bearnaise, pickled grape tomato.  I know the menu said striploin but it sure doesn't look like a striploin.  As it was explained to me, striploins are getting really large these days.  In order to get the proper portion size we need to employ a different approach to butchering the loin.  I'm not exactly sure what method this is, my guess is they split the loin in half lengthwise.

The potato is that white half dome on the left of the picture.  It's filled with the traditional twice baked filling.  The fried bearnaise and pickled tomato are lovey dovey on top of the steak, and you can see the "red wine sauce" is on the bottom of course.

Final course.  Dark and milk chocolate ganache, raspberry liquid gel, graham chiffon cake topped with toasted marshmallow liquid gel, vanilla and raspberry sorbet.  The ganache was glazed with the raspberry liquid gel and the quenelle and layered on top with the cake.  I thought the dual flavored quenelle was cool.  This was the quenelle the judges were mentioning at 4:55 in this video

Standing ovation for the team.

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