One of the basics of excellent service is to treat your internal customers as you would your external customers. You can't move forward and win customers without the passionate devotion and commitment of your employees. People are the heart and soul of your company and also the public face and we must take great care of them. We can't ever miss the opportunity to reinforce, recognize and reward behavior. This is one of the major reasons that service people give bad service to their customer; they reflect the way they are treated by their bosses and they pass it right on to their customers. If you take great care of your employees, they in turn, provide outstanding customer service.

I believe employee satisfaction can be accomplished by focusing on two areas:

- Share the "Big Dream". Continuously communicate your companies Mission and Values so all employees can identify with it. Once they understand they can focus their efforts on making it a reality.
- Let all employees know they make a difference.
- Clearly define the expectations.
- Conduct quarterly Employee Satisfaction Surveys and incorporate what is learned into strategies.
- Create open channels of communication.
- Involve front-line employees in information gathering. What do they believe is important to the customer?
- Stand by your people and they will stand by you.
- Recognize, reward, and promote people based on their performance and celebrate success.
- Express confidence in your people's ability to achieve success.
- Realize that mistakes are part of the learning process.

- Hire the right people who complement the team; hire for attitude and train for skill.
- Train, train, train. Your team must be provided with the knowledge and the skills to set them up for success.
- Give people a chance to grow and learn new skills. Offer developmental seminars for all levels of employees.
- Promote from within when ever possible.
- Conduct weekly team building activities.
- Lead, coach and direct every step of the way. Feedback is essential to happiness in the workplace.