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  1. margcata
    Cannot type in the rectangle provided in the template
    Cannot get the arrow
    Please send me step by step directions on How To Type on Template
    Thanks, I have tried all.
  2. margcata
    Bouiller : to boil
  3. margcata
    I receive a Blue Little Rectangle Vertical however, I cannot type a thing on the Template. WHY ?
  4. margcata
    I cannot open to type the vocab. Have been trying for over 1/ 2 hour.
    Rôtir : to roast meats and / or poultry
    rôti : ( noun ) a roast normally stuffed with ground meat, pistachios, bread crumbs or dried fruits and vegetables.
  5. margcata
    Nico and Denis,
    I cannot seem to open the Cooking Term Template ... Please check into so I can know if I am typing the French Letter A culinary vocabulary terms correctly. Thanks. Margcata
  6. margcata
    Ajouter: to add to
  7. margcata
    Arroser : to baste, to spoon or brush a liquid or a softened lard type product over a roasting food product to add flavour and prevent loss of moisture
  8. margcata
    Accommoder ( accommodé ): to prepare ingredients
  9. margcata
    I am planning to check some of these pastry words ( ? ) with Petalsandcoco, as several of them look like a colloquial Fusion " accommoder " --- to accomodate ? accomodation in a hotel ?
    Would something like this be enough ?
    ARROSER = to Baste, to spoon or brush a liquid or a softened lard type product over a roasting food to add flavour and prevent loss of moisture.
  10. margcata
    I am quite grateful to do such a project in Spanish, Italian and / or French however, please understand that I am a full time employed Food, Wine and Travel Editor in addition to freelance writer, heading up the epicurean genre of my own website and blogger. This would have to be done at the weekends.
    Where do I begin ? In other words, how do I begin is a better question ?
    Where are these vocabulary words on ?
    Thanks again. Margaux.