This is one the quickest fly by the seat of your pants desserts you can make.  Here it pays to develop your knife skills.  I use a Suntoku.  If you were really badass you can use any knife like This guy.  I'm not that good but still, this way saves a good amount of time.   I like to slice my apples about a 1/4" thick. I find they don't overcook and turn into mush this way.  Once again no recipe.  If you have to have a recipe Google is your friend.  My rule of thumb is one medium apple per individual serving.

Coat the apples with sugar, a little flour, and cinnamon.  Optional ingredients are a pinch of ginger, nutmeg, dash of vanilla extract.  How much?  Taste the apple slices and decide for yourself.  Since the crust is very sweet I prefer the apples to be a little less sweet.   I'm sorry I don't have a picture of the coated apples.  I just plain forgot.

Next mix a 1:1:1  ratio of sugar, flour and room temperature whole butter.  One cup of each will do between five and six cobblers depending on the type of dish.  I got five out of this using a six inch gratin dish.  It's a rustic quick baked dessert.  Don't worry if you have too much or too little.  Get it on and toss it in the oven! Have I mentioned before that we use a lot of butter in the kitchen?  If you are using unsalted butter add a bit of salt.  Work it with your hands until you reach a mealy uneven texture.  Large and small bits.  I love this.  Butter, flour, eggs, milk, sugar.  Those five ingredients, three in this case, combine to make thousands of yummy things.

  Into an ovenproof vessel and into the oven at 400F.  No need to grease the dish.

They are done when they make their own caramel.  If you really want to be sure just poke the apples with a paring knife.  You can tell when the crust is done.   Allow to cool a bit.  Serve with ice cream or whipped cream.  You will love the way it tastes.

Have a great day!​
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