Cherry Ice Cream

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  1. Frozen Summer: Cherry Ice Cream

    The eighth in a series on ice creams, custards and sorbets

    Jim Berman CCI

    My homage, if you will, to the Prunus Avium, that dangling orb of summer lovin’ comes in the form of delicious cherries hugged and squeezed and nestled in a lovely frozen amalgam of cream, milk and sugar. You see, I owe much of my interest in cooking to my mother’s aggressive avoidance of the kitchen and all it represents. There were to be no dirty dishes, hence we used paper plates almost exclusively. There were to be no spots upon the stove, hence we went out. A lot. There were no knives, no offset spatulas, no whips. But, we did have a toaster oven - sealed in the shrink wrap in which it was purchased. Sauce always came in a jar. Rice came in a folded, white carton with a metal handle.  Chicken came in a bucket. Fruit came in cocktail form. In a can. You can imagine my delight when summer arrived and corn was available. Mom would actually buy corn, husk it, wrap it in wax paper and microwave it, remove it from the spinning carousel and smear it with Fleishman’s margarine. Good eating. She would relent, once a year, and allow fresh cherries in the house. Oh, the joy. The juice could not be anywhere near the sofa (hermetically sealed in clear vinyl) and, god forbid, a stray pit land anywhere other than the designated Dixie cup. And I love cherries in all their crimson-sweet-like-candy-to-my-soul-dripping-blood-red-love glory.

    My cooking is a form of aversion therapy. She averted it, I rehabilitate. Cherry ice cream is good therapy. Here it is:

    2 Cups, Heavy cream

    1 Cup, Whole milk

    ¾ Cup, Granulated Sugar

    1 Tablespoon, Pure Vanilla Extract

    Pinch of Salt

    2 Cups, Pitted Bing Cherries

    Combine all but the cherries and pour into an ice cream/frozen dessert maker per manufacturer’s instructions. I use the Lello-Musso Pola 5030 and have found that this ice cream takes about 20 minutes to set. Stir in the cherries after the machine has stopped and remove to a freezer and allow the flavors to bloom 6 to 8 hours.

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  1. jim berman
    Thank you! I really like cherries in the summer and can think of few better combinations that cherries in ice cream's tender embrace. Thanks for your feedback!!
  2. kaneohegirlinaz
    ::applause:: very nice! LOVE cherry ice cream, well peach too, so long as it's hand made! Thanks Jim!