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2013 - ChefTalk.com Cooking Challenges

Starting back in April 2013 the ChefTalk.com community began picking monthly food items to cook. Everyone who participates in the challenge elects someone who has entered to pick the next months challenge. There are no prizes and really no winners just everyone entering great creations they have made centered around the particular subject. If you would like to review past challenges please click on the links below. Current challenge is listed at the top
[h2] [/h2][thread="78518"]December Challenge Cinnamon [/thread][thread="78161"]Challenge November 2013 Mushrooms [/thread][thread="77731"]Challenge October 2013 Cabbage [/thread][thread="77309"]Challenge September 2013 Figs [/thread][thread="76835"]Challenge August 2013 Tomatoes [/thread][thread="76411"]Challenge July 2013 Pork [/thread][thread="76049"]Challenge June 2013 Pasta [/thread][thread="75524"]May 2013 Offal Challenge [/thread][thread="75073"]April 2013 Gelatin Challenge [/thread]