After languishing as a footnote to culinary history, Dutch oven cooking is making a comeback. There are several influences behind this, ranging from the vast numbers of historic reenactors who use them on open fires, to the Dutch oven cooking competitions waged as part of the food-fight phenomenon that’s grown exponentially across the country. There are even a few inns that specialize in Dutch oven cookery.

Dutch ovens are the most versatile cookware you can use. Name the cooking technique---from braising to baking, sautéing to deep frying, and you can do it in a Dutch oven. But, at base, they come into their own with baking and roasting. By using graduated sizes, you can stack them and prepare a complete meal while conserving fuel.

Given these attributes, virtually anything that can be cooked at home can be prepared in a Dutch oven. Here are a few recipes to get you started:

Chicken Baked with Scallions, Mushrooms & Tomatoes - Dutch Oven

Buckskin Bread - Dutch Oven

Berry Corn Cobbler - Dutch Oven

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