Now that you're equipped with the mechanics of tagging, you might be wondering, "This is really awesome, but what's the best way to put this into practice?" Glad you asked.

Below is a list of Best Practices to tag intelligently and efficiently.

Pick your forums wisely.

Don’t open up the New Posts page and haphazardly tag across the whole site.  Pick the most popular, most product-oriented forums and start there.

Look for threads with product names in the title.

To get a lot of bang for your buck, if you can first tackle threads that mention specific products in the title, you’ll be able to knock those off your list quickly without having to dig deeply into the posts themselves.

Use the Untagged Threads filter.

This may seem obvious - so use it!  Get more coverage faster by focusing only on threads that haven’t been tagged at all yet.

Open multiple threads in separate tabs.

This allows you to queue up a number of threads to tag and while you tag the first, the rest load so you can be maximally efficient, rather than loading one thread page at a time.

Gut check it - does it seem worthwhile to tag?

There is an almost endless stream of content to tag.  When you’re sitting down to the task, don’t be shy about being discriminating.  If you see one thread about a product you know is popular and a different thread about a product most people don’t care about, tag the one about the popular product.  If you see a thread with 2 views and another with 2000 views, tag the one with more views.  At the end of the day, the more tagged threads, the better, but use your judgement with the time you have.

Relevant product tags are essential. 

Use your discretion as to which products are the most relevant to the topic you’re tagging. If that means only one product is added, that’s alright. Often the topic will change quickly to a new or off topic discussion. Feel free to only tag the original topic being discussed and when it changes, move on to the next thread.

Expect to apply 0 to 7 product tags per thread.

On average, there will be around 3 relevant taggable products per thread and sometimes there will be no relevant product, and, at other times, there will be hundreds.  When the latter is the case, attempt to tag the most relevant seven products and then move on. Your time will be better spent on a higher number of threads per session. 

Efficiency is the name of the game.

After a few tagging sessions you will not need to read the entire thread to understand what products can be tagged. You should aim to skim the threads and recognize key terms and product names. This will increase your efficiency and allow you to cover more threads.