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  1. Original from India, basil gets it's name from the Greek word Basilikos. Basil is characterized by strong sweet flavor which is slightly acidic, and large flat leafs. Commonly used in Italian cooking Basil goes well with a multitude of dishes but is most commonly paired with tomatoes.



    Variety: Purple Basil, many variety of Sweet Basil, Dark opal, Indian Basil, bush Basil

    Part use: stems, leaves and flowers

    Actions: stimulant, digestive, tonic, antiseptic

    Internally: Good to use for settling upset stomach, relieving nausea, ease digestion, with a combination of other plants; can be use as a tonic to ease tiredness.
    Externally: On windowsill to deter flies, as oil for cosmetic or rubbed on the temple for headaches.

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