[h1]Baked Alaska[/h1]
A dessert consisting of sponge cake topped with ice cream and covered with meringue. The dessert in then placed in a hot oven to brown the meringue before the ice cream melts.

Hirtory of the dish: the original recipe was brought back in fashion at the Hotel de Paris in Monte carlo, by the chef  Jean Giroix.

An Americain Doctor Called Rumford is credited with the invention of this dessert.

but then according to a Gastronome called le Baron Brise on the 6th of june 1866 he wrote in an article in the Liberte newspaper that a chef from a chinese delegation visiting Paris introdce this desert to the French.

"During the stay of the Chinese delegation in Paris, the chefs of the Celestial Empire exchanged courtesies and recipes with the chefs at the Grand Hotel. the French dessert chef was delighted at this opportunity: his Chinese colleague taught him the art of cooking vanilla and ginger ices in the oven. this is how the delicate operation is performed: ver firm ice cream is enveloped in an extremely light pastry crust and baked in the oven. the crust insulates the interior and is cooked before the ice can melt. Gourmands can then enjoy the twofold pleasure of biting into a crisp crust at the same time refreshing the palate with the flavoured ice cream"......
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