Really, I mean it! This method is part of my continuing adventures with Maggie Glezer  [product="16593"]Artisan Baking​[/product] . How could she offer a book on Jewish bread without a bagel recipe? She couldn't and wouldn't!

Everyone knows you can only get real bagels in New York. I can get them on almost any corner. So why would I make them?

Because I can! This blob is the beginning of greatness.

A little kneading and the dough comes together.

Unlike the last time, I did the strand thing this time. Tapered ends mean that the bagels are more uniform when you shape them.

Ta-Da! Bagels, almost.

Onto a cookie sheet covered with cornmeal and into the fridge over night.

They proof for about an hour before they go into the fridge. You know they're ready when they float.

Now for the Board Meeting! 1"x4" covered in burlap webbing. The toppings go on the boards...

Read for the oven.

Now they really are bagels.

Nice shiny crust and the toppings stuck.

The blistering is a good thing.

The crust is nice and chewy and the crumb is moist and tasty! Pass the Nova please!
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