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  1. Food Safety As Kitchen Culture


      So, you can filet 150lbs of chicken breasts in an hour. You can slice a clove of garlic into 50 transparent tiles with the tip of a 12-inch blade. You can even flip a loaded 24-inch wok without dropping a single broccoli floret! You may be impressive at a prep station or on the line, but are you equally impressive with your food safety and sanitation practices?

         It can be as long as five years between renewals of our food handlers’/food safety manager licenses and certificates....
  2. Why Do You Cook?

    Why Do You Cook?Andres Cantu
    “It’s like I always knew,” explains San Antonio chef Johnny Hernandez, the culinary dynamo behind True Flavors Catering and El Machito, among others. Having grown up in his father’s restaurant, Hernandez had no doubt that cooking would remain the focal point of his life’s work.

    There aren’t many of us who can claim such provenance, yet here we are: boiling and broiling, slicing and dicing, turning and burning, all with varying degrees of passion. Slippery...
  3. Managing the Management: How Cooks Can Cope

    Manager:    “Why didn’t you do the lamb?”

                Me:        “Wasn’t my task, sir. Prep cooks have that on their list.”

                Manager:    “Why did you clock in so early?!”

    Cook or not, those of us who have any experience in the workforce know there are supervisors or managers who have a proclivity for finding flaws in their charges’ performances. I’m not talking about a sup who will call you out on shortcomings when you deserve it (like that one time you forgot to dice a case of...