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  1. Rum The Beverage With A Spirited History

    There are plenty of beverages, out there, that are more popular than Rum, but few can capture the imagination or boast of a more colorful history than this Caribbean concoction.  From the slave trade, to brawling Limeys (British sailors) to marauding Pirates, Rum has a spirited history and has become a cultural icon of a time long gone.
    Rum has its start back in the mists of time.  It is thought, among those who study such things, that the precursor of rum was first fermented in either...
  2. Grilling The Perfect Steak

    Written By Chef Peter Martin

    Part I  Choosing Your Steak
    Yes, I know, it is still the middle of winter, so why am I writing an article on grilling steaks?  Because, if you are like me, then grilling is a year round pursuit.  Sure, my grills see almost constant use during the summer, but they are also in use for a good part of the winter.  I have even been known to grill in subzero weather and with blizzards raging around me.  What better way is there to chase the winter blues away than...
  3. Grilling The Perfect Steak Part Ii Cooking Your Steak

    Written By Chef Peter Martin
     In Part I of this article I discussed how to choose the perfect steak for grilling, now it is time to discuss what to do once you are home and ready to cook.  From preparation to plating, I will cover all you need to know to Grill the Perfect Steak.
    About 30 minutes before you are ready to cook you need to light your charcoal.  Sure you could use a gas grill and skip this step, but gas doesn’t provide as much flavor as charcoal, in my opinion.  That is why I own...
  4. When Things Go Wrong A Guide To Fixing Kitchen Disasters

    Written By Chef Peter Martin

    Let's face facts; we have all had our fair share of kitchen disasters, even us “professionals”, though we might not admit it.  From food being too salty, to scorched soups, to broken hollandaise, disasters do, and will, happen.  The good news is that many of these so-called “disasters” can be fixed relatively easily, with only a few that are beyond salvaging.  Below is a list of some of the most common kitchen disasters and how to fix them.

    Too Salty
  5. Of Barley And Hops Tasting And Discovering Beer

    Written By Chef Peter Martin
    Having grown up in the restaurant business and being surrounded by great food, I am hard pressed to think of many food related revelations or epiphanies that I have had.  Sure there have been some great moments such as my first taste of Foie Gras, my first bite of a Maine lobster, or the first truffle I ever tasted, but these events were not life altering.  No, these events haven't had nearly the same impact on me as my first experience with great beer.  I wasn't...