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  1. How to add a culinary school to

    Learn how to:Add A New Culinary School To The DatabaseEdit A Culinary School DescriptionAdd A New Image To A Culinary School PageEdit SpecsEdit LinksEdit A Culinary School WikiAdd A New Culinary School To The Database
    We do our best to add a good number of culinary schools, but undoubtedly we've missed a few.  Thank you for your help in making the listings more complete!
    Click the "Add Item" Button.  Once you're in your desired culinary school category, first check to make sure the product...
  2. Culinary School Review Contest

    Culinary School Review ContestRead below to find out how you can win one of three amazing prizes: 1st placeJende Custom Leather Knife Roll (Valued at $500.00)   2nd placeJende Spirit Blade Custom Petty (Valued at $450.00)  3rd placeJChef Pak Edge Backpack and Knife Case (Valued at $109.00)   Enter the Culinary School Review Contest (Starting (6/8/15)How do you enter? Post a review of the culinary school you attended in the past or our currently attending in the
  3. Cutting Board Review Contest

    What is your favorite cutting board? wants to know.   Would you like to win this cutting board from John Boos?    Then enter the Cutting Board Review Contest.Here is all you need to do: Starting tomorrow (4/26/15) post a review of your favorite cutting board here: must be well written, informative and helpful to a reader. Please read official rules below to see if you are Eligible to participate.One...
  4. Roasting Coffee Beans At Home

    If you are a coffee lover then the thought of roasting your coffee beans at home has probably crossed your mind. While the process is not complicated it does require some financial investment up front. There are many equipment options and while often roasting your own beans can be more a labor of love it can save you money. Coast savings aside there is nothing quite like the smell of freshly roasted coffee and the plain fun of trying different beans and experimenting roasting times....
  5. How To Title Your Discussion Thread

    Often for people who are not used to online discussions forums the thought of posting your first topic can be a scary one. One sure way to make a poor first impression with a community is to join then just post your question. The reality is most likely your question has already been asked many times so here are a few key recommendations when posting a discussion topic in any community and most importantly how to name your topic.
    Search the forums
    The search tool of any online community is...
  6. How To Buy and Store Lobster

    About a year ago I was asked to teach a class on how to buy, prepare lobster and this article and others to follow are a result of the notebook I put together for the class. This is part one of the class. Part two is  How To Tell If A Lobster Is Male Or Female​ I hope they are useful to members of
    Best way to buy Lobster: Alive
    There are three ways to purchase lobster:
    Important: Warning: Never buy raw uncooked lobster. All shellfish spoils rapidly once it...
  7. How To Tell If A Lobster is Male or Female

    About a year ago I was asked to teach a class on how to buy, kill and prepare fresh lobster. This is part two of the series and the first part focuses on how to buy, when to buy and how to store lobster. You can read that here:  How To Buy And Store Lobster​ 

    When buying lobster, females are preferred because you get the roe (the eggs). The roe tastes quite good and is often used when preparing lobster. Telling a male from a female is pretty simple. Once you have a firm grasp, turn him/her...
  8. Embed That Thread!

    So you are responding to a discussion and want to link to another thread that is along the same lines. Or maybe you want to reference a product or article on cheftalk well then the way to go is to "EMBED" that thread baby. It is cool, looks so much nicer and is easy to do.

    When you are responding to a post and want to insert a link to another cheftalk resource such as another discussion thread follow these steps.
    ** Click on the images to see them full size so you can really get how cool...
  9. Best Practices in Tagging

    Now that you're equipped with the mechanics of tagging, you might be wondering, "This is really awesome, but what's the best way to put this into practice?" Glad you asked.

    Below is a list of Best Practices to tag intelligently and efficiently.

    Pick your forums wisely.

    Don’t open up the New Posts page and haphazardly tag across the whole site.  Pick the most popular, most product-oriented forums and start there.

    Look for threads with product names in the title.

    To get a lot of bang for...
  10. How To Make Pheasant Stock

    For any of you who follow me on know that I am an avid upland game hunter and in particular pheasant hunting. A few fun threads regarding my antics are:
    Pheasant Sausage How To Cook Pheasant 
    One of my biggest goals when actually hunting and animal for sport is to respect it completely by eating what I kill and using all of the bird as much as possible. A direct result of this has been using all of the bones to make stock and I have to say not only is it very simple I find it is...
  11. How to smoke ham hocks

    This past year we purchased our annual pig from our local farmer Anthony Bauer of Bauer Custom Meats. Typically we get the ham hocks smoked at the processing plant but this year I decided to smoke them myself. This is how I did it.

    First start out by creating a brine for the ham hocks. For my brine I use Brian Polcyn's brine from:

     Charcuterie The Craft Of Salting Smoking And Curing​ 

    The brine is like most typical brines which is water, salt, sugar and pink salt. You combine all the...
  12. ChefTalk Monthly Cooking Challenges

    2017 - Cooking ChallengesApril 2017 Cooking Challenge Traditional Swedish Food March 2017 Cooking Challenge Party Food February 2017 Cooking Challenge Citrus January 2017 Cooking Challenge 2016 - Cooking ChallengesDecember Cooking Challenge Custard November 2016 Cooking Challenge Leftovers October 2016 Cooking Challenge Squash August 2016 Cooking Challenge Casseroles June 2016 Cooking Challenge Vegetarian May 2016 Cooking Challenge Is 10 April 2016 Challenge...
  13. Stuffed Tomatoes and Peppers - Not my usual preparation

    We all have dishes that remind us of our childhood. Dishes that when you smell the aroma and taste the flavors transport you to a different time and place (often a much simpler time I find). For me one of those dishes is Stuffed Tomatoes and Peppers.

    This is a dish I have prepared more times than I can remember but almost always the same way. Hollow the tomatoes and peppers, cook some ground beef, par cook the rice, stuff, roast and Voila! Recently however I have become a fan of the...
  14. Does The Michelin Guide Have Stars In Its Eyes

    Recently in Chicago many restaurants received their first Michelin star. Some received one, some two and in a singular instance the coveted three Michelin stars. When the stars were awarded it was exciting to have so many Michelin worthy restaurants in our midst. However, many of the stars seem misplaced and the star ratings just didn’t seem to match up in my opinion.


    Since the Michelin stars were awarded it has raised the question, are the standards for the United States vs. restaurants...
  15. How To Create Add A Cooking Term To Cheftalk Com

    This tutorial is to demonstrate how to add a new "Cooking Term" to A cooking term is added to the site to help define,explain and demonstrate a cooking technique or preparation. Some examples of a cooking term that often needs clarification are:
    RenderSauteBallentineSous ChefBrigadeBeurre Blanc
    When adding a cooking term you must include the name the term and the definition at the very least. Feel free to add a demonstration photo or video along with a recipe if appropriate....