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  1. Falafel

    Cooking Term
    Greek, Lebanese, Turkish, Syrian and Israeli: Falafel is a popular street and tavern dish created with the following ingredients:




    fresh mint

    cilantro herb


    Olive Oil



    The appearance of Falafel, is a cross between a chickpea vegetarian burger patty and a croquette. The mixture is managed in the same way, one might form a hamburger and then they are sauteéd in olive oil, drained on paper towel and the served with Pita Bread,...
  2. Horiatiki

    Cooking Term
    Greece: Horiatiki is simply a Greek Salad which consists of the following ingredients: tomato, cucumber, green bell pepper, anchovies, Kalamata Olives, red onion, oregano, Greek Olive Oil and Feta Cheese.
  3. Bakaliaros

    Cooking Term
    Greece: Bakaliaros are salt cod filet wedges drizzled with lemon and dredged in flour. This classic Meze is a common appetiser in Greece and its islands.
  4. Cheese: Montrachet

    Cooking Term
    French Goat Cheese:  Montrachet´s Designation of Origin is a tiny Burgundian village famous for its wines, is also the name of its goat cheese, which is created into small cylinders and then wrapped into chestnuts leaves for ageing process. The goat cheese can also be coated with ash which creates a dense creamy texture. This is a highly prized export from France.
  5. Cheeses With A Washed Rind

    Cooking Term
    Cheeses With A Washed Rind:  Muenster and Epoisses; have a sticky orange red rind resulting from a method of salt water bathing the rind. The Iberian Peninsula does not produce washed rind cheeses.

    The majority of the genre are produced in Wisconsin, in the USA, France and Holland.  
  6. Bloomy Rind Cheeses

    Cooking Term
    Bloomy Rind Cheeses: Brie and Camembert are types of bloomy rind cheeses, thus possess a soft, fuzzy white rind which is edible should one wish to eat it too, with an interior texture that gradually becomes very moist and creamy when room temperature. A bloomy rind cheese is not produced on the Iberian Peninsula nor in Greece to my knowledge.
  7. French & Swiss: Raclette Cheese

    Cooking Term
    French or Swiss Raclette Cheese: This cheese has a nutty flavor with just a hint of Alpine flora. Raclette is also the name given to a dish in which the cheese is exposed to direct heat and it melts and the buttery mass is scraped on a plate and served with boiled potatoes and onions. It is a common dish young people enjoy in the Alpine region sitting west is France and east is Switzerland. It also is used as a topping for Onion Soup.
  8. Tart: Flammekueche

    Cooking Term
    Alsace Tart Flammekueche is a medieval onion, bacon,, nutmeg, cheese, flour, oil, salt and créme fraîche tart. This tart dates back to the 15th century and was baked when peasants and farmers´ wives had left over pieces of dough which were used to create these savory tarts.
  9. Italian: Farfalle

    Cooking Term
    Italian Macaroni: Farfalle is a cross between a Butterfly shaped

    and Bow tie shaped pasta. Farfalla means butterfly in Italian.
  10. Macaroni: Anelli

    Cooking Term
    Italian Macaroni: this is a ring shaped small pasta. Anelli denotes ring in Italian.

    Ring, in Spanish is anillo.
  11. Digestivi

    Cooking Term
    Digestivi: This is a genre of Italian after dinner drinks, often called collectively, digestivi. They may range from straight up to refined. Some digestivi include: Grappa, a clear brandy distilled from the remnants of a wine grape pressing; Sambuca ( anise licor) and Frangelico ( hazelnut licor).  

    In English this is known as an after dinner drink or a cordial.
  12. Aperitivo

    Cooking Term
  13. Traditional Bologna Bolognese

    Cooking Term
    Traditional Bolognese in Bologna is made with the following ingredients:

    extra virgin olive oil, butter, carrot, onion, 1 clove garlic, celery stalk, pancetta, veal ground, pork ground, tomato paste, tomatoes, white wine, milk, salt, black pepper and Reggiano Parmighiano Cow Aged Cheese.

    *** Note: it had not been made with alot of garlic. Italian Americans have a penchant for using more garlic than in Italy in their Bolognese.

    *** Due to the lack of white wine in the 1920s...
  14. Basque Cod Fish Brandade

    Cooking Term
    Basque Country Cod Fish Brandade: This codfish dipping spread hails from the Basque fishermen who had entered into the French Atlantic. Salt cod has been an Iberian Peninsula staple since the Basque whaling voyages in northwestern Europe prior to the European Union ban agreements. Since, Portugal, Spain and Italy had been rigid Roman Catholic countries until fairly recent times, meats and poultry were forbidden on Fridays and during Lent. Thus, salt cod brandade has been a...
  15. Irish Soda Bread

    Cooking Term
    Irish Soda Bread: this bread combines all purpose white flour and a whole wheat brown flour, caraway seeds, brown sugar, Irish beer and buttermilk. It is often served with cornbeef brisket and cabbage on Saint Patrick´s Day, March 17th.