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  1. Kalua Pig And Cabbage

    Kalua Pig or Pork and Cabbage is a popular dish in Hawaii and honestly, it's a snap to make.

    You’ll find this dish at many “Plate Lunch” joints, especially on Aloha Fridays.
    In a previous “How-To” article, you’ll find and hopefully have already made a big batch of Kalua Pig.

    So, the list of ingredients are:

    12oz. Kalua Pig

    ½ of a small head of Cabbage, chopped in large pieces

    ½ of a large White Sweet Onion, rough chopped

    ½ - 1 C. Water

    1-2 Tbsp. Vegetable Oil

    Here’s what you do:

  2. Kalua Pork, Oven Style

    The Mother of all invention is need!

    Having moved away from Hawaii to the Desert SouthWest, Hawaiian Food is not plentiful.  When my husband and I first started coming here many years ago, there wasn’t much of anything, period. Then we moved here permanently.  We found a couple of restaurants that served, kinda-sorta’ Hawaii style food, but, MEH…  Next, we found a market that carried some of the ingredients to make the dishes from back home. My culinary adventure began!

    The featured dish...
  3. Time For Another Road Trip, California Here We Come!

    On the bucket-list for DH and I is to drive the entire length of the Pacific Coast Highway.  Now, we’ve already completed a good portion of Oregon a few years ago, as well as part of southern California last year. 

    Road trips are a fantastic way to see the Country, we think anyway. 

    Also, we can taste foods that may not be available to us.

    For our blast-off days, I like to have at least one meal prepared ahead to take with us.  Hand held is best and not crumble-y.

    Breakfast burritos...
  4. It’s A Road Trip – This Time To Prescott Arizona

    It’s been awhile, well just shy of two months, that we came home from our last adventure,

    Let’s GO!

    My Dear Husband planned this trip himself with no help from me this time.  He had decided that we should take off over my Birthday Weekend and visit with friends in the Prescott area.

    The drive isn’t bad at all, about 4 hours.  I like to pack a light snack for journeys, that way if we don’t feel like stopping we can just motor on through.  We had some fresh fruits as well as cheese; put...
  5. my-kitchen-store-addiction

    I just can’t help myself when it comes to kitchen stores, I have to go in and look.  I don’t always buy anything, in fact, I rarely do.  I’m not talking about those pro-shops, aka Restaurant Supply Stores, I mean places for the everyday Home Cook. 

    Good tools make a good cook, right?

    Recently my husband and I went to the Big City and Bright Lights of Scottsdale.  My husband artfully found us a primo spot, did his world famous parallel parking job, and what did I spy to my right? 

    Sur la...