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  1. Artisanal chocolate figure, part two

    We left off in part one with brushing the decorted mold with a layer of milk chocolate. By brushing with a silicone brush, I can see any bubbles in the mold and pop them before they harden and show up as blisters.
    Before the chocolate fully hardens,the perimeter of the mold is scraped clean. This is very important, because if the mold halves are not clean, you will get a large and unsightly seam when the figure is cast.
    Now the mold is clipped together.
    Here you can see the mold before it...
  2. Artisinal chocolate figurines

    Now the mold is clipped

    The following tutorial will show how hollow chocolate figures are decorated, cast, and released from their molds.

    We start of by preparing the mold:
    The mold is washed by hand,air dried, and then polished with a cotton facial pad. This ensures that the mold is free from dust, water spots, or other blemishes.
    The next step is to pipe in with a cornet some dark chocolate. This may seem frivolous at first, but this will become the pupils of the rooster's eyes, and the...