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  1. A Zest

    Cooking Term
    Zest: the perfumed coloured outer layer of a citrus fruit. The rind. No whitish part are included they are omitted and extracted.

    The fruit can be zested by using a zester or by using a simple Econome a potato peeler. The whitish part is discarded and then the rind can be cut in very thin julienne.

    The zest julienne can be blanched and refreshed about three times before using for crystallizing or the rind extracted to be prepared for comfit (Same process about three time...
  2. Zephyr

    Cooking Term
    Zephyr:  (Zéphyre) (the name mean literally “a light Wind”) the name is given to various savoury and sweet dishes, served Hot or Cold. Characterized by a light and frothy consistency.

    It is often a soufflé. The name is also given to quenelles, mousses, or small savoury puddings made in darriole moulds. Consisting of pounded lean veal, chicken meat or fish mixed with butter, egg yolks and either fresh ceam or stiffly whisked egg whites.

    In the west indies Zephyres are balls of...
  3. Affriander

    Cooking Term
    Affriander: a french term for dressing up and presenting a dish to give an appetizing appearance
  4. Affriter

    Cooking Term
    Affriter: French term meaning to season or prove a pan or dish by rubbing coarse salt over the base with paper, or by heating with a little oil in the pan, then dried with a cloth
  5. Achard

    Cooking Term
    Achard: a strongly spiced pickle (usually saffron coloured) from the indian subcontinent
  6. Acetomel

    Cooking Term
    Acetomel: a syrupy mixture of honey and vinegar used in sweet-and-sour preserved fruits (grapes or pears or quinces)
  7. Acidulate

    Cooking Term
    Acidulate: to turn a liquid or a dish slightly acid, tart or piquant.

    It also mean to make Sour Cream by just adding few drop of lemon juice to fresh cream.
  8. Poultry

    Cooking Term
    Poultry: (Volaille) the genetic term for farmyard birds. Chicken, turkey, duck, goose and guinea fowl. The meat has less fat than red meat and rich on proteins and vitamine B.

    A basis  of both simple and economical dishes and also the most elegant fare.

    The French term volaille is used in cooking to indicate the chicken when used in basic preparations (stocks, minced or thinly sliced meat in sauces, salpicons, consommés, croquettes, salads, etc…) recipes using particular bird...
  9. Spumone

    Cooking Term
    Spumone:  a light frothy ice cream from Italy made with egg whites a flavouring and whipped cream
  10. Spoom

    Cooking Term
    Spoom: a type of frosty sorbet, used to be a great favourite in fashion in england. Made with a lighter syrup. Just before it near to set it is added half of its volume of Meringue Italienne (Italian Meringue).

    Like sorbet is made of fruit, wine, Port, etc. Served in tall glass with a spoon.

    The name come from the Italian Spuma (Foam). 
  11. Chill

    Chill (Frapper in french): to cool an item of food, drink, or a dish quickly.

    ice cream are chilled in Freezer (or surrounding it with crushed ice , that was the olden days!).

    For some preparation such as certain forcemeats while mixing, the ingredients should be placed in a bowl over crushed ice for chilling, 
  12. Agar-agar

    Agar-agar: a viscous substance also call Japanese or Ceylon Moss, it is an extract of sea weed from Indian and Pacific ocean. It is used in desert, ice cream, sauces and canned soup

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                                                      Agar-agar sub for gelatin?
  13. Degorger

    Cooking Term
    Dégorger : french term meaning to soak meat, poultry, fish or offal in cold water (with or without vinegar) to eliminate impurities  and blood. Used particularly for white dishes preparations or to dispel the muddy taste of river fish.

    The term is also use for certain vegetable such as Cucumber, Aubergine, Cabbage by sprinkling salt to eliminate water.

    Term also use for preparation of snails.
  14. Bamdoche

    Cooking Term
    En Bamdoche: term applied to a preparation of fried Cod, sometime served with fried eggs.

    The word is derived from Italian Bamboccio, meaning jumping Jack
  15. Aumoniere

    Cooking Term
    Aumonière (en): term originally given to an apricot dessert. The apricots were stoned and the same stones were replaced with lumps of sugar, the fruits were encased in triangles of short-crust pastry (Basic pie Dough) sealed at the edges and cooked in the oven decorated with chopped grilled almonds and an Apricot sauce.

    Few variations appeared with other fruits or even savoury filling after a while.

    served en Aumonière and using other pastry such as Puff pastry instead of...