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  1. Roasted Chinese Pork Belly

    A couple of weeks ago, I roasted my first suckling pig. Aside from the cracklings, my favorite part of the pig was the pork belly which was even more tender and succulent than the rest of the meat. When I looked online for pork belly, I found several choices.

    Snake River Farms offered 5-6 pounds, boneless with skin on for $109. Standard shipping (probably not a good idea given the warm weather) was only $9.99. Overnight shipping would have run me $79.99.

    D’Artagnan offered 12-16 pounds,...
  2. An Oven Roasted Suckling Pig

    This is an article about an oven roasted suckling pig ... but to get to the story of my first experience with roasting a piglet, I thought I should tell you about how I came up with the idea for this pig roast. Please bear with me.

    A couple of weeks ago I went to the local shelter to help a friend find a cat. While walking past kennels of cats who either studiously ignored me or who endearingly reached between the bars to wave their paws in my direction, I came across a lone mini-Rex...
  3. Vegan Cuisine - It's Not Just Bean Curd and Sprouts

    "Ewwwww!" groaned the students. "Vegan cuisine? CHEF! Why can't we eat real food?" begged my Culinary II students. 

    "Vegan cuisine IS real food," I replied. "It's just as real as a Chinese beef with broccoli or a strawberry cream cheese pie."

    "I'd rather have the beef with broccoli," grumbled Edgar (not the student's real name). 

    "I'd rather have the strawberry cream cheese pie," sighed Maria (also not this student's real name).

    "Well surprise-surprise," I announced with a smile, "Over...
  4. How Culinary Arts Teachers Decide What to Teach

    How do Culinary Arts teachers decide what to teach? What we teach and how we teach are delineated by several factors:
    Who is your employer?The availability of tools and equipmentTime available for hands-on instructionYour budgetYour skillsClass compositionFood allergies
    Who is your employer?
    Many schools particularly at the post-secondary level (especially if they’re part of a chain of schools like the Culinary Institute of America) will have a preexisting curriculum. What is a curriculum? A...
  5. A Tale of Two Crepes - The Delectable Okonomiyaki

    Okonomiyaki is the epitome of Japanese comfort food, a dish that’s readily available throughout Japan. At first glance, it looks like an example of fusion cuisine where the western technique of making crepes was incorporated into the yaki culinary technique of cooking on a hot iron grill. In this video link to YouTube that features the production of various types of Japanese street food at various yatai or food stalls, at the 8 minute and 27 second mark, you can watch the production of a...
  6. Fourteen Mistakes Made by Novice Instructors

    So here you are ... you've finally left the long hours of the food service industry behind you and you're now a Culinary Arts instructor. You're looking forward to having most evenings and weekends off. You're also looking forward to paid vacations that include four days for Thanksgiving, two weeks for Christmas, a week for Spring Break, and two months of summer vacation where you can kick back and relax. You've custom ordered a set of culinary jackets with your name emblazoned on the front...
  7. On Becoming A Culinary Instructor

    In 2005 I was a working chef in Pennsylvania and I literally worked 360 days out of the year. I was pulling 84 hour weeks largely because I kept having to work double shifts and/or because I was called in on my days off. The final straw for me came after I was called in during what would have been my annual one week vacation. 

    I thought about making a change ... but instead of finding another job in the industry, I went into teaching. There were districts in Arizona who were looking for...