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  1. A Rich Soybean History

    Soybeans are one of the world's most important crops. Soy, like wheat and corn, plays a substantial role in feeding large numbers of people throughout the world.
    Soybeans have been part of the Chinese diet for at least 5,000 years. Indeed, many Asian countries have been consuming a wide range of soy products for centuries, and it is often to the soy-rich diets of these cultures that scientists now attribute their populations' heart health and longevity. Because many soy products originated...
  2. What Is Sauerkraut

    So you know how it tastes, but do you know anything else about Sauerkraut?
    What is Sauerkraut?
    Sauerkraut is cabbage that has been fermented in salt.
    Where did the word Sauerkraut come from?
    The word Sauerkraut means “sour cabbage” in German.
    Who invented Sauerkraut?
    Credit the Chinese for the creation of Sauerkraut more than 2,300 years ago. Originally it consisted of shredded cabbage that was pickled in wine. Workers building the Great Wall of China were among the first to enjoy it. Around...
  3. Cheese Storage Tips For Foodservice Professionals

    It is a common misconception – even among top chefs and foodservice professionals – that all cheese is alike and can be treated as such.  The truth is every cheese is unique, and how you handle and store it greatly affects its overall flavor and quality.
    The Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board and Wisconsin cheesemakers developed guidelines and recommendations for the proper storage of different cheese varieties. These simple rules for cheese storage and handling will help maximize the shelf life...
  4. Enjoying Homemade Ice Cream Without The Risk Of Salmonella Infection

     Every year homemade ice cream causes several outbreaks of Salmonella infection with up to several hundred victims at church picnics, family reunions, and other large gatherings. From 1996 to 2000 (the latest year for which surveillance was completed), 17 outbreaks resulting in more than 500 illnesses in the United States were traced to Salmonella bacteria in homemade ice cream, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The ingredient responsible for the outbreaks is...
  5. Tarragon

    Tarragon is an herb which had many aliases in days of old. Just to name a few: 
    Mugwort (English)
    Wormwood (one of the "bitter herbs" of the Bible)
    Wormseed (American)
    Esdragon (French)
    Dracunculus (Latin, means a little dragon)
    Dragon Mugwort (English)
    Herbe au Dragon (French)
    Dragoncello (Italian)
    Estragon (German)
    Drakonteion (Greek)
    Tarkhun (Arabic, closest to Tarragon)
    Like many herbs, tarragon has an interesting history, or histories, due to the fact that tarragon seems to have been...