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    A Night at the Light

    Creating a fine dining scene on a lighthouse on a reef out in the lake
  2. Serving iced tea with lemon.....

    This is a tutorial for all you servers and cook out there that serve a lemon garnish with iced tea.

    I have a problem understanding the mind set here.

    Most all places serve iced tea with a lemon twist or a lemon sliced into a wheel, hanging on the side of the glass or in a small ramekin. 

    While this may be pretty to look at, it is not functional.

    In a mixed drink, lemon adds flavor but only if its' juice is released. Other than that, it is a simple garnish.So here I am trying to use this...
  3. Cooking with, and drinking wine 101

    I write articles for my hometown newspaper. The "Ask the Chef" question for the January issue coming up has to do with cooking with and drinking wine.

    The question was asked what wine should I use to cook with and how do I choose a wine to go with what I am serving?

    Here was my answer:

    Dear Reader:                                                         

    Thanks for your question. A very timely subject indeed.

    There is much discussion and contradictory information out there on what wine...