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    Winners will be contacted via email so you can collect your prize.

    Please take a moment to visit the companies that made the competition possible:

    1-st line coffee equipment

    Espresso and Cappuccino Specialists


    New West KnifeWorks


    For those of us who love fine food, cooking is an art, and a quality knife is the artist's brush. At New West Knifeworks, we make our chef knives like we cook; we use the finest quality ingredients and prepare them with the patient hands of an artist. Our chef knives are finely tuned, quality instruments, a fusion of form and function.


    First Place

    Fresh pea, fava bean
     - (non-manipulated)
    by mattwright - winner of the Bradley BTIS1 Original Fully Automatic 4-Rack Outdoor Food Smoker

    Fresh Strawberry - (manipulated)
    by bonbini - winner of the Ascaso I-Mini Espresso Grinders at 1st-line Equipment, LLC

    Second Place

    Organic Brown Eggs Still Life - (non-manipulated)
    by Lynne317 - winner of the FusionWood Petty Knife by New West Knife Works

    Flour - (manipulated)
    by Manuka - winner of the Ipod Nano (video)

    Third Place

    Balinese Chefs - (non-manipulated)
    by captainbogus - winner of James Peterson’s "Cooking"

    This Kitchen Life - (manipulated)
    by Rivver - winner of James Peterson’s  “Sauces

    Runners Up

    A simple engagement cake - (non-manipulated)
    by chahira daoud - winner of a ChefTalk coffee mug

    Menu - (non-manipulated)
    by trk - winner of a ChefTalk coffee mug

    Green Apple  - (manipulated)
    By: augiewren - winner of a ChefTalk coffee mug

    Eggs  - (manipulated)
    by Pazzo - winner of a ChefTalk coffee mug

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