Cooking stock is a wonderful thing.  If you cannot find the time to roast the bones and hang around to watch a pot simmer you should still do something with the bones. At the very least you can quick boil them or if you have a crock pot you can slow cook your bones for stock in the crock pot.  You can deal with the aromatics later.

If you're reading this article and wondering why I'm starting with stock read here.  :)  

Lunch was duck ramen.   A little spinach, a little soy sauce, leftover duck breast, and duck stock served with instant ramen.  I couldn't resist, I had to use the last bit of crackling.  Of course it was a little rich.  A leaner more austere broth would have worked much better.  (see above)   Notice how the sous vide breast is still pink.  I sliced it cold and allowed it to come up to room temperature a bit and then set them on the hot noodles to warm up.

And I still have more leftover duck stock.  Dem bones dem bones...